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Evan Lloyd


Hello! I’m Evan, the dedicated graphic designer at Macroblu. I’ve been honing my craft in the field of graphic design for a decade now, immersing myself in the world of creative development, art direction, and production. My role typically begins at the very inception of a project, where I help to shape and fine-tune ideas and concepts, ensuring they align perfectly with the project brief.

Being a graphic designer demands a host of hard skills, such as proficiency in various design programs, a firm understanding of design principles, systems, and website development. Alongside these, my role also requires a suite of soft skills, refined through experience, which include effective communication with clients, receptive acceptance of feedback, collaborative teamwork, and the ability to present concepts convincingly. Above all, it requires a discerning eye for aesthetics, relevance, and novelty.

At Macroblu, my primary responsibility has been website design. This has provided a fertile ground for experimentation and staying abreast of the latest trends and technological advancements. Branding projects hold a special place in my heart as they afford the opportunity to dive deep into a subject and conjure up truly creative ideas. My portfolio also includes an array of other design work, including print design, editorial design, illustration, and animation.

Beyond the realm of graphic design, my hobbies are a reflection of my love for nature and music. My current side project involves building a sound system from scratch with a group of friends. We aim to use this system to host events, merging our shared passion for music with a hands-on approach. In summary, I am an experienced graphic designer with a love for creative exploration, both in my professional life and personal pursuits.

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