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There are many ways to enhance your online presence, and multiple ways to market your website. But if you aren’t tracking your efforts, you aren’t able to make the most informed decisions when considering how to coordinate your marketing efforts.

labtop-firstGoogle Analyitcs is a great tool for tracking the behavior of your website’s visitors, but one of its most important features isn’t turned on my default. One of the most important features of Google Analyitcs is conversion trackings. If you don’t have this setup, especially if you are a commerce site, or your site is meant to capture leads, you could be missing out on a opportunity to boost sales and maximize your marketing campaigns.

desktop-secondDid you know that Google looks at hundreds of different criteria when deciding where to place your website in its search listings. For many years keywords were one of the most important elements that its algorithms took into consideration. This is no longer the case. In fact, keywords are almost no longer relevant at all. Optimizing your website for search is the most important element of any website that will rely on search traffic to generate sales or leads.

combo.thirdStatistics show that users who visit a website that does not respond to the viewing device being used will leave a website prematurely at an increased rate. To increase retention and in-turn conversions / sales, we recommend that all website be designed and developed using a responsive grid that allows the site to adapt its layout / display for the desktop, tablet, and mobile environment. Readers need to have access to content (text, images, video etc.) in a readable and well-formatted manner that takes into account the user experience of their particular device.