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We are website specialists. We can design a full website from scratch or fix a tricky problem with your existing website. Learn about the services we offer, our process and pricing.

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Content strategy

We will work with you to learn as much as we can about your product or service to create a content strategy based on how your clients are finding you, who they are, and what they want to accomplish on your website.

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Responsive Design

Every website we make is designed to work on all screen sizes. Whether your clients are searching from their home computer, on their mobile or tablet. We make sure they can easily read and navigate your website.

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Accessibility is extremely important for those who have disabilities. We design our websites based on the latest accessibility standards to make sure everyone can read and navigate your website with ease.

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Do you want to sell your products online? We build onlines stores whether it’s Woo commerce, Shopify, Magento or another open source platform. Our design and development team have the skills and experience needed to get your online store up and running.

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Search Engine Optimization

We make sure clients can find you online. Our team can help you rank higher in search results through the use of keywords, site speed, and many other factors. Learn More

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We build websites using Wordpress, the world’s most popular content management system platform. We create fully customized wordpress designs to give you control over your website content and allow you to make updates on your own.

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Website hosting

We have hosting plans available for your website and can also facilitate acquiring a website domain name.

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Website Maintenance

Is something buggy, broken, or not working like it should? Our development team has the skills and experience to address virtually any issue you could have with your website.


1. Discovery meeting

We ask you questions to get the most accurate picture of your business and how it works. How are your client’s finding you? What are they searching for? What obstacles will they encounter? What is their goal on your website? Once we have a clear picture of your company and clients we can make informed recommendations based on your needs.

2. Content strategy

Now that we know your company’s needs, we can start working on your content. We place a high priority on content as it is the substance of the website and will help determine what type of design elements will be needed.

3. Design

We will collaborate with you to find a style that fits your brand and start building each page based on our content strategy. We use accessibility standards, design principles, and best responsive design practices to give you a unique and fully customized website design. We design mockups of the website pages and a prototype for you to review and approve.

4. Development

Our design and development team work together to materialize this design in the most accurate way possible. Making sure it meets our standards and looks fantastic.

5. Testing

We test the website to make sure it works smoothly, is free of bugs, and looks great on desktop, mobile and everything in between. We’ll let you have a look around and update any last minute fixes.

6. Launch

We hand over the keys and unleash your website to the world! We’ll also do a training session with you to make sure you know how to use the content management system to update your website.


Website design prices can range from $650 to $5000 and up. It all depends on what you need. We try not to focus on price and technology before getting to know your business and needs. We try to work within your budget to offer you the best value for your money.

The number of website pages has the biggest influence on the cost of a website. Other factors include: if you need us for content strategy, copywriting or SEO (or endless revisions). We have various pricing structures to match different project types. We can do fixed pricing, an hourly rate, or a subscription for continued support.

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