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web design

With an innovative, effective web design, you communicate who you are and what you offer to your target audience. Macroblu’s inventive graphic designers and software specialists collaborate to create a unique, effective, user-friendly design that reflects your vision.

Whether you have a website in need of re-design or are starting a new business, our team delivers interactive, dynamic designs that can be easily managed and expanded as your functionality requirements evolve. At Macroblu, aesthetic designs are strategically crafted to ensure your project objectives – greater visibility, increased brand engagement or higher sales – are met.


In the modern marketplace, a shopping trip no longer requires consumers to venture out of their living rooms or offices. Selling your products and services online is a new means of extending your reach and bolstering your bottom line. Consumers appreciate the variety and convenience of online shopping transactions, whether purchasing services from around the corner or products from across the globe.

Macroblu’s innovative design experts, marketing strategists and web developers collaborate to create a customized website that meets your e-commerce needs. Using Magento, the top platform for e-commerce programming, we develop solutions that ensure your commercial site yields results. Whether we create a dynamic new site or improve your existing site, Macroblu uses innovative strategies to improve users’ ability to navigate and find precisely what they are searching for.

social media

social media

Social media channels offer a platform for engaging in informal conversations with your target audience. Incorporating social media and networking tools into your marketing plan to increase customer engagement has become the norm across diverse industries. Macroblu’s marketing specialists develop effective social media strategies, increasing your site’s traffic and popularity.

Our team can help you capitalize on new promotional opportunities by customizing your accounts on such sites as Facebook, Google+, Youtube and Twitter. We select the appropriate social networking sites, identify influencers and advocates for your brand online, and develop pages and themes that attract attention whilst maintaining your corporate character. Macroblu has the expertise with social media platforms necessary to engage new and existing customers, enhance brand identity and bolster sales.


From cell phones to tablets, mobile devices have become staples in the pockets and purses of your clients and consumers. With our assistance, your target audience will be able to conveniently reach you wherever, whenever they please. Macroblu’s expert team creates both user-friendly and mobile-specific websites designed to generate more traffic, enhance sales and improve consumer engagement.

Less than a quarter of the top 500 websites have been optimized for mobile use. Macroblu can help you capitalize on an opportunity to pave the way in your industry, building a larger, more accessible consumer base. Bolstering your business is our business.



To gain brand recognition, expand your clientele, and increase your bottom line, prominent placement on major search engines is crucial. Search engine optimization (SEO) services are a key ingredient of an effective online marketing solution. Macroblu has the specialized expertise necessary to improve our clients’ ranking amongst their competitors in the cluttered media landscape.

With customers increasingly searching for products and services online, Macroblu’s SEO specialists integrate key words and phrases throughout your website and use strategic web design to magnify your presence. With extensive competitive analysis, market research and monitoring results, our team has the SEO expertise to ensure prospective clients can find you with ease.


The strength of your brand is a measure of your place in the corporate landscape. Macroblu delivers comprehensive branding solutions across all marketing platforms to enhance your consumer recognition. From logo and web design to multi-media ad campaigns, our design team utilizes effective design tactics to ensure your brand is both consistent and prominent.
Your brand should reflect who you are, what you offer and what differentiates you from your competitors. With the right design scheme, font, colour palette and effective copy, Macroblu strategically incorporates your brand, whatever the medium, to meet your corporate identity needs. Whether we are building your existing brand or forging a new brand identity, our team has the expertise necessary to express your company’s persona and core values.


print design

Our innovative team has the expertise necessary to meet your diverse print design needs. Macroblu produces eye-catching professional logos, business cards, advertisements, posters, magazines, annual reports, brochures, signage, press kits, and product packaging that reflect your unique brand identity and project requirements.

Macroblu collaborates with our clients to realize their vision, customizing design materials to reflect their brand’s unique character. Our graphic designers and marketing specialists deliver informative, professional and effective designs on schedule, giving clients the print work they need to meet their marketing objectives with flare.